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Be nice to me. I gave blood today.

February 3, 2012

I gave blood today. If you’re squeamish, you may wish to just read the parts in red.

Everything went as usual, although I declined the free ice cream. I’d really like to actually drop some weight! There were two people ahead of me, so I sat and waited for at least an era, if not an eon. I just sat and texted my best friend a couple of times while waiting. Eventually, they called me to come back for the testing. They asked me for my name, my address, my birth date, my name, my birth date, my social security number, my phone number, my address, my name, my birth date, my social security number and my name. Completely serious. I’m not exaggerating at all. They took my temperature (98.1 degrees), my pulse (84 bpm), and my blood pressure (118/64). At that point, the worker taking my numbers pulled out a plastic screen and covered the computer with a cloth. I asked when they started using the shields. (I hadn’t given blood since last March, so I didn’t know how many blood drives it had been through.) She told me that it was new. We started joking around about her needing protection from me and what did I have to protect myself. Finally she pricked my finger. Blood shot all over the screen. Turns out there’s a very good use for it! She said she had never seen that happen before. I figured it would be a quick donation! My iron was good. All I had to do was answer the questions on the computer. I confirmed that I wasn’t pregnant and was ready to donate!

I walked over to the table/bed, conveniently located next to the radio, and sat down. After a couple of minutes, someone came over to get me ready. I lay down, and they did their thing. I recognized one of the people waiting to give blood from my church. I tried to call over to him a couple of times, but he didn’t respond. Once I was stuck, I could tell the blood was really moving. After a couple of minutes, I could tell that my arm was getting a little numb. A couple minutes later, my feet started tingling. Then I was done.  They unhooked me. From being jabbed to filling the bag only took me about 4 and a half minutes. Most of that time, “Bad Romance by Lady Gaga was playing by my ear. (I didn’t want to deprive you of the experience I had while giving!) It was a new personal record, although I wasn’t too anxious to break my old one. I lay there for a little while and waited for my brain to become fully-functioning again. You see, I tend to get light-headed after giving blood, although I didn’t have any problems the last two times. Also, the last two times, I took 10-15 minutes to spill my blood. The nice lady who had brought me a couple cups of juice helped me over to the recovery table by holding the elbow from which I had just given blood. When I sat down at the recovery table, I was able to get the attention of the person from my church. We talked for a few minutes about skiing, and then he was called back for his testing.

I enjoyed a nice bowl of potato soup, a cookie and a brownie. (I turned down the ice cream, but I still deserved some sort of reward!) Once if had finished these, I was ready to head out the door and back to work. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any of the “Be nice to me. I gave blood today” stickers. I really hope I get through the rest of the day without having any clients come into the office!

I’d like to thank Grammar Girl for helping me out with the “lays.” No matter how hard I try, I never seem to get the tenses right for “lie” and “lay!”



May 28, 2010

I spent much of the day at work today not working.  *GASP*  Instead, once I finished what I needed to do for an afternoon appointment, I set about cleaning and organizing.  *GASP*  I haven’t had much time this year to do little things like organize, and I don’t actually have time now, but it was just too bad to keep overlooking.  Well, there was that, and I had to give up my network connection for half the day for someone else to use.  I can’t get much done without access to the files on my boss’s computer.  So I cleaned.  I cleaned my computer desk, which is where I do most of my work.  I managed to double my available work space there.  I cleaned the top of my desk.  It’s about half clutter free and it turns out that the top is actually made of wood and not some particleboard-like mixture of paper and file folders.  I cleaned my desk drawers.

It turns out I had WAY more napkins than I could ever use, so I tossed a bunch.  I also found many things that I had completely forgotten about sitting on or in my desk and computer desk.  There were receipts – lots of receipts – some of which had offers and coupons, which had expired.  In some cases, last year.  Now I won’t get those free wings from BW3.    I found letters of which the contents were so dated that it was time to toss them.  I found a couple of things that are finally getting near time to do something about them.  I found Mentos and Texas Pete hot sauce.  I discovered that I have seven phone directories in my office.  It’s probably time to toss a few of them.  I found programs from Copacabana, which closed a month and a half ago, and Tick Tick BOOM, which I saw the week we closed Copa.  There were 10 month old Session minutes and a directory for the Ironton Council for the Arts.  There was even a quart of motor oil under my desk!  Who knew?

Now the trash is tossed.  There is a six-inch pile of papers to be shredded.  There is order.  There is still a huge stack of “stuff” on one of my chairs.  There are new light bulbs around the office.  There is a feeling that I control my workspace instead of it controlling me.  There is dust everywhere that needs to be vacuumed as soon as possible.  It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good for half a day’s work!

*Excerpt of a song from Les Miserables

In your multitude
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With order and light.