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Taxes and Shiloh

February 17, 2012

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that my taxes are done. This is the earliest I’ve ever had them prepared! I can now get on with my life without having to worry about them in April, so there’s one less thing to stress about!

Now I just have to get a bunch of work done before deadlines and find NCOs for Shiloh at the end of March.

Right. I haven’t said anything about Shiloh, which is still a month and a half away, probably the reason I haven’t said anything about it. I went to a meeting last weekend, and while I was there, I was given command of a company for the event. My first thought was that I would have to brush up on both my company and battalion level drill instead of just company level. Then it hit me when I got home that I have to find sergeants and corporals for the event, too. It turns out that I was the only person who registered for the company who had offered to be a sergeant, and there was one other who offered to be a corporal, although he now believes he may have National Guard training that weekend. I have a very short list of people that I trust to be 1st Sgt, and so far, two of them have told me they can’t. I’m now down to my last couple of choices and fully expecting both to say that they are committed to other units for the event. On the bright side, I get to command a company for the 150th anniversary of the battle of Shiloh (or Pittsburg Landing if you prefer). It’s going to be great to not have taxes looming over my head while I’m there!


the spring wither

April 1, 2010

I feel that I should post something entertaining and amusing or at least some tale of complete absurdity, being that it’s April Fools Day.  I just don’t seem to have it in me these days.  The warm weather outside seems to be sapping me of energy.  Tonight we’re supposed to be completely off book for Copacabana, but I only know the first half of Act II.

I know I’ve overstretched myself this year.  Serving on three committees at church wouldn’t be that bad, but I feel pulled to address both Youth and Worship things on Sunday mornings.  I don’t feel like I’ve been able to take care of either to the extent they deserve.  I know I’ll be able to pass one of those on to somebody else in two months though.  I imagine I’ll continue to work with the Youth, which can use a lot of time and, more importantly, energy, although I don’t think I can handle another winter/spring as busy as this one was.  Other things are trickier.

I got a letter from one of the other members of board of directors for the Ironton Council for the Arts a few days ago.  It stated that they are going to require members of the board to attend three quarters of the meetings.  With only eight or ten meetings over the last year, I came close to missing that mark after missing the last two meetings for Copacabana rehearsal.  I also missed three of the six concerts this season due to reenactments and I missed a fourth for the church ski trip.  I find this to be much more troubling.  I also don’t know how much difference there will be this year.

Added into the mix is the fact that I’ve enjoyed Copacabana much more than I had anticipated.  I had always wanted to do a theater show, and when this came along, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to fulfill my dream before I continued on with my life, having checked acting off of my bucket list.  (Hey!  Acting is better than robbing a bank!)  I also thought it would be a great way to meet women, but there hasn’t been much luck on that front.  Now I’ve found that I really enjoy it, and I’m tempted to do it again.  Unfortunately, it interferes with many of the other things I enjoy doing.

Now here I am in the Spring just days from Easter, trying to decide what it is that I want to do and what I need to give up.  Having a second year like this one would simply be more than I can handle.  I keep living life like I did in school, but there’s no longer summer to rejuvenate.

The happenstance that almost was

March 29, 2010

This past weekend was the reenactment of the battles of Scary Creek and Hurricane Bridge.  Although the temperature went into the 20s Friday night, it warmed up into the 70s and was sunny.  Sunday the weather was not so nice.  It was overcast all morning.  Late in the morning, it started to rain.  It rained… and rained… and rained.  Still, it was the best that I’ve ever seen the weather at that event.

Friday night when I was unloading my stuff, I discovered that the driver’s side door to the truck would not close.  I would slam it and it would bounce right back open.  I ended up tying it shut for the night and Saturday.  I drove it back home like that Saturday afternoon, parked it at the office and got cleaned up to see Randy Travis in concert.  The concert was great.  He’s a breath of fresh air in an age of autotune.  I borrowed Dad’s Trailblazer and went back to Hurricane to camp out and finish the reenactment.

In the morning, we were sitting around talking, and I mentioned the trouble I had with the truck.  One of the guys said that it had happened to his daughter and told me what they had done to fix it.  As soon as I got back home Sunday night, I did it, and viola (sp?) it was fixed.

Also on Sunday, I was sitting around during the officer’s meeting waiting for the decision on whether or not to fight in the rain.  A family came into the shelter where we were meeting and sat down.  Several of us started talking to them.  One of them looked familiar.  She was tall and blonde.  I was sure I had talked to her the year before.  After a couple of minutes, she asked me if I was the she had talked to last year.  I said yes.  We talked for a little longer, and it turns out we’re the same age.  When I had to go for the fight, I asked her, “I’ll talk to you after the battle?”  She said sure.

After the battle, I excused myself as quickly as possible and went to the shelter she had watched from.  I got there and saw her walking with her family back to their car.  They got in and started it up and started moving, so I dejectedly walked back to camp to pack up my gear.  They drove by as I was walking and stopped.  They rolled down one of the windows and said by.  She even leaned into the front seat to wave goodbye as they drove off.  I didn’t get a chance to get her phone number or email address.  I was bummed when I didn’t get it last year.  This year I’m just pissed at myself.  Maybe there’s next year though.

Rivers Bridge

February 1, 2010

I was at the reenactment of Rivers Bridge over the weekend.  Instead of boring you with stories of camping in the rain in a freezing swamp, I’ll tell you about the trip there and back.

Since I was passing through Charlotte to get to southern South Carolina, I arranged to visit with my little brother for a little bit.  It was a nice drive down, and I got to his exit from the interstate with very little trouble.  Unfortunately, I wrote right when I should have written left.  I ended up in what turned out to be a very sketchy neighborhood.  I found out later that it was where a gun fight between two cars started before going to the other side of the city.  Eventually I found his apartment.  I made arrangements for one last stop on the way down then we ate dinner and visited. In the morning we went out to REI to do some shopping.  I wanted boots.  He wanted to see the new REI store.  I’m pretty sure that REI could be a dangerous place for me to visit, but I managed to just get out with the new boots I wanted and my wallet still intact.  Then it was time for me to go on my way.

I made one last shopping stop in Columbia to get a pair of leather gloves for reenacting and hit the interstate again figuring I would stop in the last town before the reenactment site to get a bite to eat.  Little did I know that once I was 10 miles from the interstate, there would be no more eateries.  The last little town went by with nary a place to eat.

reenactment…. reenactment… skip skip skip…

It turns out that it was probably a good idea that I left early on Sunday.  The trees along the highway north of Columbia were covered in ice.  The roads in North Carolina were still wet, but they hadn’t refrozen yet.  Virginia had patches of very visible ice under every bridge.  West Virginia was smooth sailing though.  I made two stops for gas and two stops for coffee, and I was still home before the end of the Pro Bowl.  I didn’t watch it, but I was home before it ended.

I got a good night’s sleep.  I took the morning off (I was supposed to be out all day today.) and a long hot shower and shave later, I felt almost human again.

Sherlock Holmes

January 10, 2010

I braved the ice and snow (Yes, it’s still on the ground and to a much lesser extent, roads.) to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday.  I admit that I’ve only read The Hound of the Baskervilles, and it has been quite some time ago.  In fact, it has been so long, that all I remember is something about smoking a pipe.  Nevertheless, I went to see the movie and found it to be entertaining, if not a bit action-oriented.  It was kind of like Adrian Monk meets James Bond.  The bits where it shows precisely what will happen before it happened were annoying, although it did show a well thought-out plan.

I have a feeling that I appreciated the Victorian British mannerisms much more than the average movie-goer due to my reenacting.  I recognized proper behavior and often Holmes’ lack of it, much to my delight.  Also, due to my ability to slip into a Victorian mindset for reenacting, I probably got more enjoyment out of Rachel McAdams than the director probably intended.  I never caught the actual date in the film, but based on clothing and references made, I would place in the 1860-1890 range.  During this time, it was completely inappropriate for women to wear trousers.  Trousers showed the shape of a woman’s leg and also exposed her ankles, which was likely to make men randy.  In fact, assumptions could be made about the lifestyle or occupation of women who dressed like that.  I do completely understand the reason for putting Ms. McAdams in pants though.  It is probably quite difficult to run, jump and fall in a dress without hurting or exposing yourself to the unwanted gazes of the crew, those filthy gaffers and best boys!

Sherlock Holmes was far from a masterpiece, but it was quite entertaining and somewhat more intelligent than your typical summer action movie.  I’d probably still wait for it to come out on tv to see it.  I don’t think the editing will cut much out for the networks.  I’m definitely looking forward to Mr. Downey’s Iron Man 2 this summer even more now.