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2012 Grammys

February 13, 2012

I think the correct way to spell it is “Grammys” although it could be “Grammies.” For some reason, “Grammies” sounds like a snack food for British kids.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about how to spell Grammys. I’m here to talk about the ceremony: the one I slept through. This was completely unintentional. I was exhausted and lied down for a nap around 4 or 4:30 and slept, with only one interruption, until 4 in the morning, when I went back to sleep for another couple of hours. I noticed a tweet during the half hour that I was awake that was something about Chris Brown dancing with bats. That’s when I first realized that I missed the Grammys.

So apparently, Chris Brown was performing at the Grammys. This surprised me, because I could have sworn that he was nearly universally disliked and still under probation. Apparently, that’s not the case, at least one the disliked portion. Here’s the mix in the form of celebrity Twitter feeds.  According to less-than-irrefutable sources, Rihanna and Chris Brown are even back together. Some writers didn’t feel the need to point why that the choice to have Brown perform is controversial. Others only referenced it as a way to say how much of a recovery his career has made. An article on the show celebrating the life of Whitney Houston didn’t bother to mention the irony of Brown performing.

A writer for Philadelphia Magazine got it. The first thing that clued me in on this Grammy performance, though, was a blog on HelloGiggles. The entry chronicles the response to the the abuse since it was first reported. It seems a lot of the sentiments expressed at that time haven’t changed either. If you really want to get your blood boiling, look at the comments section of the link to the report that Rihanna and Brown are back together.

The most disgusting part about it is the statement that Grammy Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich made to ABC: “If you’ll note, he has not been on the Grammys for the past few years and it may have taken us awhile to kind of the over the fact that we were the victim of what happened.” I’m really sorry you had to go through that Mr. Ehrlich. I’m sure that Rihanna is also sorry for getting beaten and choked, because she would never wish that on you. I’m sorry…. but this is a little bigger than your awards show. This is society accepting and promoting a man who assaulted his girlfriend. You only have so much control over how many people buy his albums and request his songs on the radio, but you have total control over whether you have him a stage to blow off his crime against Rihanna and by implication, every other instance of domestic abuse. People may want him, but you should feel a bigger responsibility to society and the stigma placed on the true victims of domestic violence. You may have, but probably didn’t, lose ratings from not having Chris Brown on your awards show for the past two years, but you are not the victim of his crime. The victim was the young woman, who was left bloodied and unconscious from Chris Brown’s violent attack. All you saw was that he sold tons of music and you couldn’t have him on the show because he had a restraining order placed against him by an artist he physically beat. You couldn’t have him then because everyone would talk about how she wasn’t invited. Now that the restraining order has expired, you’ve jumped all over the chance to jump on the Chris Brown money-wagon. The worst part is that you did it on a night dedicated to the memory of a woman, who dealt with the same thing for a large part of her life. It’s like you gave a large middle finger to each and every person who has been the victim of domestic violence, and a pat on the back to those who committed it. Well, I’m sorry… but you’ve lost a viewer of future awards shows as long as you’re in charge of them.


So you thought you might like to go to the show.

August 13, 2010

I went out to see a play at a local state park last night.  I should have realized that Thursday the Twelfth was not a good night to go out, but I did anyway.  I managed to get lost on the way – on a road I’ve driven many, many, many times.  After driving a distance that should have gotten me there, I found myself on a major highway halfway to my destination.  At least I knew where I was, and I also knew a shortcut to the park.  I got on a limited access highway and sped – in reference to speed, not speed laws, of course – to the exit I wanted, got off and had another car come flying up behind me.  I floored the gas pedal to try to keep him off my bumper.  Flying through the woods on a windy, two-lane road with ditches on both sides is not fun, at least for me.  The jerk about a foot behind me seemed to love it.  He finally passed me in a no-passing zone and got stuck behind a utility truck less than a quarter-mile ahead, allowing me to catch back up to him.  I finally got to the park and found a great spot in front of the stage.

A friend of mine in the show told me a few days before that I needed to come see it because it was actually good, unlike the last show – which she had also said was good.  When I questioned her about it further, she said this one was much better.  The last show was very entertaining, but no masterpiece.  The acting was good.  The production was quite good, given the limitations of the venue.  The script itself didn’t give much to produce greatness though.  It was quite humourous and the cast fully brought out that aspect of it.  Unfortunately it was not a really good show. – I made a point after the show of telling my friend that she didn’t have to lie about how good it was because I was going to come out to see her in it anyway, after which she insisted that she did need to say that and that it is “the greatest show EVER!” in a completely “I’m bulls*^@%ing you” tone of voice. – It was still well-worth the trip out to the park to see it though.

They say that teachers are awful students and doctors make the worst patients.  I’m starting to think that actors are not the best people to go see plays with.  There was commentary through large parts of the show, ranging from the this-ground-is-hard/I-need-to-move variety to the our-friend-totally-lied-to-us kind.  I still think the latter was a bit of an exaggeration – although the ground was quite hard in reference to the former.  I’ve noticed the same thing with other thespians as well though.  Come to think of it, it’s pretty common among the general population these days, so nevermind.

After the play, I stayed for a bit and talked.  Someone recognized me from Copa, despite my having a beard for disguise. – She actually said that she didn’t recognize me until someone pointed out that it was me. – I eventually began my trek back home, and that turned out to be even more exciting than the way to the park.

There was a heavy fog at the intersection where I needed to turn to take the fast way home, but I managed to get the turn anyway.  The fog was so thick though that I could barely see the road, and the next thing I knew – literally only about 45 seconds – I was back on the road I had just gotten off of and headed back towards the park.  I’m still not sure how I managed to do that.  I turned around, took my turn again and headed off in the right direction.  Everything looked normal, aside from the fog.  There was the hill on my left side, a creek on my right, lots of woods and occasionally a house.  I finally crossed over the overpass.  I looked down at all the lights passing under me and realized something.  I wasn’t supposed to cross the interstate.  I actually wasn’t even supposed to get NEAR the interstate.  At least I knew that if I kept going on that road, I’d run into a major highway and take that east to get home.  Eventually, I came across that highway and had an incredible urge to turn west and just drive for a couple of days.  That sort of thing happens with me.  After sitting at the stop sign for a minute or so, fighting that urge, I turned east and headed home.  An hour and three counties after leaving the park – which is half an hour from home and in the same county – I got back home and went to bed.

This morning, I find myself exhausted after only five hours of sleep.  It’s for mornings like this that Starbucks was founded.  You also know you’re tired when your venti bold-roast coffee looks like it’s only a grande.  It wasn’t until about halfway through it that it started to look like the right size.  One thing I discovered last night that never would have if I hadn’t gotten lost is that Billy Joel’s For the Longest Time has to be the perfect song to warm up my tenor register to.  If I hadn’t spent that long driving home, I never would have come to that song on my iTouch playlist.

Protected: Hazy Shade of Winter

April 30, 2010

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The happenstance that almost was

March 29, 2010

This past weekend was the reenactment of the battles of Scary Creek and Hurricane Bridge.  Although the temperature went into the 20s Friday night, it warmed up into the 70s and was sunny.  Sunday the weather was not so nice.  It was overcast all morning.  Late in the morning, it started to rain.  It rained… and rained… and rained.  Still, it was the best that I’ve ever seen the weather at that event.

Friday night when I was unloading my stuff, I discovered that the driver’s side door to the truck would not close.  I would slam it and it would bounce right back open.  I ended up tying it shut for the night and Saturday.  I drove it back home like that Saturday afternoon, parked it at the office and got cleaned up to see Randy Travis in concert.  The concert was great.  He’s a breath of fresh air in an age of autotune.  I borrowed Dad’s Trailblazer and went back to Hurricane to camp out and finish the reenactment.

In the morning, we were sitting around talking, and I mentioned the trouble I had with the truck.  One of the guys said that it had happened to his daughter and told me what they had done to fix it.  As soon as I got back home Sunday night, I did it, and viola (sp?) it was fixed.

Also on Sunday, I was sitting around during the officer’s meeting waiting for the decision on whether or not to fight in the rain.  A family came into the shelter where we were meeting and sat down.  Several of us started talking to them.  One of them looked familiar.  She was tall and blonde.  I was sure I had talked to her the year before.  After a couple of minutes, she asked me if I was the she had talked to last year.  I said yes.  We talked for a little longer, and it turns out we’re the same age.  When I had to go for the fight, I asked her, “I’ll talk to you after the battle?”  She said sure.

After the battle, I excused myself as quickly as possible and went to the shelter she had watched from.  I got there and saw her walking with her family back to their car.  They got in and started it up and started moving, so I dejectedly walked back to camp to pack up my gear.  They drove by as I was walking and stopped.  They rolled down one of the windows and said by.  She even leaned into the front seat to wave goodbye as they drove off.  I didn’t get a chance to get her phone number or email address.  I was bummed when I didn’t get it last year.  This year I’m just pissed at myself.  Maybe there’s next year though.


March 3, 2010

Fatigue is going to kill me, I’m sure.

I was about to make a post about how tired I am and how staying this busy is going to be the death of me.  Then I realized that I never posted the reason that I’m so busy.

In college, the theater department did a performance of Godspell.  I thought about auditioning and decided not to.  Ever since then, I wished I had.

In the fall, I saw that an old friend of mine from high school was going to be in a play at the local college.  I went to see it the last night of the run, and it was amazing.  I talked to her on facebook after the show, and she told me that I should audition for the next play, which was A Christmas Carol.  There was no way that I could do rehearsals and the performances during Advent, so I didn’t try out.  A few weeks ago, the college held auditions for Copacabana.  It’s a musical based on the Barry Manilow hit of the same name.  Most of the music was written by Manilow specifically for the musical.  I thought it would be fun and I had somewhat more free time on my hands (or at least could make more free time) than I did in November and December, so I auditioned, thinking I’d end up being cast in the chorus.  Two days after auditioning, I found out that I had been cast as one of the six lead characters.

We’re currently in the third week of rehearsal for the show.  I’ve been at the college nearly every night, sometimes until midnight, since we started.  Okay, so we haven’t actually rehearsed past 11 yet, but I’ve been hanging out and talking with other cast members.  I’m sure that I’ll be doing less of that once we start going until midnight.  I’m also sure that I’ll end up sleeping at showering at the office when we get closer to performance so that I can get an extra half hour of sleep every night.  So far, I’m really enjoying it and loving the experience of trying something new.

Since it will be occupying a large part of my time, I’m sure I’ll be posting more about it, and I’ll also be sure to mention more about it when it’s nearing time for the performance.

You spin me like a record.

January 12, 2010

I’ve had a song in my head for the past few days.  I won’t go so far as to say it was stuck there, but it was a featured song in the soundtrack to my mind.  The song: Right Round.  The artist: Flo Rida and Ke$ha.  The reason: It seems to be all over the place, particularly in movies and television right now.  In fact, I’ve heard it so much that I was starting to think I had gone crazy thinking the original lyrics didn’t include “When you go down, when you go down, down.”  Last night, I finally broke down and looked up the song, and it turns out I wasn’t [as] crazy [as I thought] after all.  I managed to find the original lyrics with the record from 1984.  Not only did I find that, but I found a glam-rock video to go with it!

The new version does have a slightly catchier back-beat and music.  I also think Ke$ha has a great voice, even if she got a bit ahead of herself with her name.  At least Prince had the decency to be huge before he had a symbol for a name!

That was my thought for the day.  My brain is shutting down now.