Civic Minded

Heather Peters has won her case against Honda in small claims court in California. There was a class action suit taken against Honda over the MPG that Honda customers were getting from their Civic Hybrids. The cars were advertised as getting 50 miles per gallon, but people were averaging only 30 miles per gallon. That’s roughly the same as a regular Honda Civic, which costs thousands less. The class action suit will award $100-200 to each member of the class. Peters was awarded $9,867, just shy of the $10,000 maximum award in California small claims court.

What’s my point? I guess I don’t really have one. I had just been curious about how this case would turn out. It really doesn’t effect me. I drive a 13 year-old, GM truck and get about 23-27 MPG while apparently dripping oil. I’m a much greater  environmental hazard that any Civic driver. I just like to keep up on these things for when I finally have to break down and get a new vehicle.

For what it’s worth, Honda has modified their fuel efficiency for the new 2012 model of Civic Hybrid. It now only claims 44 MPG.

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