I’m back… for now…

I haven’t posted since April of last year. Since then, I’ve worked on three drafts that I haven’t completed.  I have no idea how often I’ll post now, but I just needed a chance to write to get some things off of my head. What will probably be the next couple of posts are just what’s running through my mind right now. At least one will have coarse  language and raw emotion. Normally, I would password protect that, but I don’t much feel like it today. (I may go back later and do that though.*) For those of you who follow me, hi. It’s good to be read again. For those of you who don’t get notifications of my posts, you probably quit looking for updates long ago. Sorry for your loss on the excellent writing to come.

*I password protected it. Since I have a link here from facebook now, I thought it best. If you want the password, just let me know, and I’ll probably give it to you!

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One Comment on “I’m back… for now…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I’m still here!!

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