I spent much of the day at work today not working.  *GASP*  Instead, once I finished what I needed to do for an afternoon appointment, I set about cleaning and organizing.  *GASP*  I haven’t had much time this year to do little things like organize, and I don’t actually have time now, but it was just too bad to keep overlooking.  Well, there was that, and I had to give up my network connection for half the day for someone else to use.  I can’t get much done without access to the files on my boss’s computer.  So I cleaned.  I cleaned my computer desk, which is where I do most of my work.  I managed to double my available work space there.  I cleaned the top of my desk.  It’s about half clutter free and it turns out that the top is actually made of wood and not some particleboard-like mixture of paper and file folders.  I cleaned my desk drawers.

It turns out I had WAY more napkins than I could ever use, so I tossed a bunch.  I also found many things that I had completely forgotten about sitting on or in my desk and computer desk.  There were receipts – lots of receipts – some of which had offers and coupons, which had expired.  In some cases, last year.  Now I won’t get those free wings from BW3.    I found letters of which the contents were so dated that it was time to toss them.  I found a couple of things that are finally getting near time to do something about them.  I found Mentos and Texas Pete hot sauce.  I discovered that I have seven phone directories in my office.  It’s probably time to toss a few of them.  I found programs from Copacabana, which closed a month and a half ago, and Tick Tick BOOM, which I saw the week we closed Copa.  There were 10 month old Session minutes and a directory for the Ironton Council for the Arts.  There was even a quart of motor oil under my desk!  Who knew?

Now the trash is tossed.  There is a six-inch pile of papers to be shredded.  There is order.  There is still a huge stack of “stuff” on one of my chairs.  There are new light bulbs around the office.  There is a feeling that I control my workspace instead of it controlling me.  There is dust everywhere that needs to be vacuumed as soon as possible.  It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty darn good for half a day’s work!

*Excerpt of a song from Les Miserables

In your multitude
Scarce to be counted
Filling the darkness
With order and light.

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One Comment on “Stars*”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Wow. I’m preaching about order on Sunday.

    Great minds, you know!

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