Finally something gets done about updating my blog page!

If you look to the left – No.  My left; your right.  Remember, I’m living inside your computer. – you’ll notice that there are suddenly real links under the Blogroll!!!  I know!  How exciting is that!?!?!  Let me introduce you all in alphabetical order, because that’s how WordPress rolls:

Adventures of the White Queen is by and about a good friend of mine from college.  She’s sweet, smart, sexy, funny and totally intimidating.  I’m also pretty sure that the sudden influx of my plethora of readers won’t diminish her anonymity too much.

Jenn Francesca is a published author and real-life friend of mine.  She’s also something of a spiritual adviser to me and funny to boot.  You’ve probably not heard of her before, but her third book was just released recently and I highly recommend it if you’re into romance/comedy.

Finally – because this has been such a long list/post – is Melanie’s Philosophies.  Melanie and I were friends in band together in high school.  (I hope it’s not too embarrassing for her to have me tell everyone she was a band geek!)  She’s new to blogging and doesn’t even know that I’m blog-stalking her yet, so don’t scare her away!

I also want to give a shout out to Tall Red Amanda.  You may not be blogging anymore but you are still loved no less.

Okay.  That’s it.  No go do something productive while I stare out at you from behind your screen!

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6 Comments on “Finally something gets done about updating my blog page!”

  1. Val Says:

    Woohoo! Good for you on the linkage! Also, I am TOTALLY stealing that description of me and putting it on my blog sometime. I especially like the “totally intimidating” part; although if you think I am, you should try reading the Redhead Blogette. She is awesome and makes me look like a sissy! 🙂

    • Val Says:

      Oooh, also, I’m pretty sure having my picture on my blog limits my anonymity anyway 😉

      • Andrew Says:

        That’s so true. Meanwhile, I’ve still been too busy to find a picture of me that I like enough to put on mine. I’d tell you to feel free to use that in your blog, but I saw that you already have. That was sweet!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Now I feel bad for fussing at you for not blogging, and here you had blogged about me!!

    Well, carry on then. Carry on.

    • Andrew Says:

      Well, it has been very nearly a week now, but like I said, I have ideas fermenting and nearly to the point of maturing and posting!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    The World Wide Web: everyone’s journal.

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