The happenstance that almost was

This past weekend was the reenactment of the battles of Scary Creek and Hurricane Bridge.  Although the temperature went into the 20s Friday night, it warmed up into the 70s and was sunny.  Sunday the weather was not so nice.  It was overcast all morning.  Late in the morning, it started to rain.  It rained… and rained… and rained.  Still, it was the best that I’ve ever seen the weather at that event.

Friday night when I was unloading my stuff, I discovered that the driver’s side door to the truck would not close.  I would slam it and it would bounce right back open.  I ended up tying it shut for the night and Saturday.  I drove it back home like that Saturday afternoon, parked it at the office and got cleaned up to see Randy Travis in concert.  The concert was great.  He’s a breath of fresh air in an age of autotune.  I borrowed Dad’s Trailblazer and went back to Hurricane to camp out and finish the reenactment.

In the morning, we were sitting around talking, and I mentioned the trouble I had with the truck.  One of the guys said that it had happened to his daughter and told me what they had done to fix it.  As soon as I got back home Sunday night, I did it, and viola (sp?) it was fixed.

Also on Sunday, I was sitting around during the officer’s meeting waiting for the decision on whether or not to fight in the rain.  A family came into the shelter where we were meeting and sat down.  Several of us started talking to them.  One of them looked familiar.  She was tall and blonde.  I was sure I had talked to her the year before.  After a couple of minutes, she asked me if I was the she had talked to last year.  I said yes.  We talked for a little longer, and it turns out we’re the same age.  When I had to go for the fight, I asked her, “I’ll talk to you after the battle?”  She said sure.

After the battle, I excused myself as quickly as possible and went to the shelter she had watched from.  I got there and saw her walking with her family back to their car.  They got in and started it up and started moving, so I dejectedly walked back to camp to pack up my gear.  They drove by as I was walking and stopped.  They rolled down one of the windows and said by.  She even leaned into the front seat to wave goodbye as they drove off.  I didn’t get a chance to get her phone number or email address.  I was bummed when I didn’t get it last year.  This year I’m just pissed at myself.  Maybe there’s next year though.

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2 Comments on “The happenstance that almost was”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I dreamed I was in Copa last night, but I hadn’t been to any of the practices and I didn’t know my lines. Maybe you need to practice your lines so that next year you won’t be standing there in your wool uniform watching the car drive away.

    Did you ever see The Graduate? Dustin Hoffman interrupted a wedding to talk to his woman. The family walking to the car seems small in comparison because, see, you didn’t have an affair with her mom. You’re already starting out better than him.

    • Andrew Says:

      Well, do you know your lines for Copacabana? 🙂 I already had my line worked out. “Excuse me, but do you have a phone number I can borrow?”

      That is true. If Dustin Hoffman can do it after having relations with Mrs. Robinson, then I shouldn’t have had any trouble with this woman. Of course, Mr. Hoffman had people writing his lines for him and he knew ahead of time how it ended.

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