computer scare

Sunday night, I got ready for bed.  I hopped onto facebook one last time for the night.  Firefox was being very slow.  I tried to watch an episode of Doctor Who, but it loaded slowly also.  Then it started.  click click click  It came from right around the area of the hard drive.  I immediate jumped into action and plugged in the external hard drive that I had bought in the fall to back up my laptop and yet had never actually gotten around to using.  I started copying my teaching files from UofL, which along with pictures are the only files that I could not easily replace.  I got it about halfway backed up and the blue screen of death appeared.

I restarted my laptop, and while it restarted, I said a few little prayers that it would actually start.  It did start.  I immediately started backing up those same files again.  When that was done, I set it to work backing up everything but my music, which comprises nearly a third of my drive space.  The projected time to finish that was a few hours, so I went to sleep.

Last night, the computer was running like there had never been a problem.  The clicking had even stopped.  I went ahead and set it to the task of copying my music files to my external hard drive.  By this morning the task was done.  I breathed a sigh of relief that everything was safe now in the event of a hard disk failure.  Hopefully that doesn’t end up happening any time soon though, because I can’t afford a new one right now!

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2 Comments on “computer scare”

  1. Newt Says:

    It’s a Dell, isn’t it? I despise Dell.

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