Happy Birthday, Pluto!

Oh, dear Lord, where have I been?  That’s a story for another post.

In the meantime, today is Pluto’s 80th birthday!  Technically, Pluto is more likely millions or hundreds of millions or perhaps even billions of years old.  Much like the federal deficit, when numbers get that big, the eyes tend to glaze over and just think, “Wow.  That’s a really big number!”  Anyway, Pluto was discovered 80 years ago today by a man named Clyde Tombaugh while using the observatory named after Percival Lowell, who first postulated that there should be a planet in that area and also that the Martians had dug canals on the red planet and that those grooves were proof of life on other worlds.

Eighty years and a lovable cartoon dog later, Pluto is no longer a planet, but either a dwarf planet (plutoid) or a double planet with Charon being the other half.  In five years, a NASA satelite should arrive at our farthest non-planet and send back the first close-up pictures of our most-beloved, relegated neighbor in the solar system.  I’ll be waiting with bated breath.

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