Rivers Bridge

I was at the reenactment of Rivers Bridge over the weekend.  Instead of boring you with stories of camping in the rain in a freezing swamp, I’ll tell you about the trip there and back.

Since I was passing through Charlotte to get to southern South Carolina, I arranged to visit with my little brother for a little bit.  It was a nice drive down, and I got to his exit from the interstate with very little trouble.  Unfortunately, I wrote right when I should have written left.  I ended up in what turned out to be a very sketchy neighborhood.  I found out later that it was where a gun fight between two cars started before going to the other side of the city.  Eventually I found his apartment.  I made arrangements for one last stop on the way down then we ate dinner and visited. In the morning we went out to REI to do some shopping.  I wanted boots.  He wanted to see the new REI store.  I’m pretty sure that REI could be a dangerous place for me to visit, but I managed to just get out with the new boots I wanted and my wallet still intact.  Then it was time for me to go on my way.

I made one last shopping stop in Columbia to get a pair of leather gloves for reenacting and hit the interstate again figuring I would stop in the last town before the reenactment site to get a bite to eat.  Little did I know that once I was 10 miles from the interstate, there would be no more eateries.  The last little town went by with nary a place to eat.

reenactment…. reenactment… skip skip skip…

It turns out that it was probably a good idea that I left early on Sunday.  The trees along the highway north of Columbia were covered in ice.  The roads in North Carolina were still wet, but they hadn’t refrozen yet.  Virginia had patches of very visible ice under every bridge.  West Virginia was smooth sailing though.  I made two stops for gas and two stops for coffee, and I was still home before the end of the Pro Bowl.  I didn’t watch it, but I was home before it ended.

I got a good night’s sleep.  I took the morning off (I was supposed to be out all day today.) and a long hot shower and shave later, I felt almost human again.

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    How very nice to have a place on the web to keep up.

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