Sherlock Holmes

I braved the ice and snow (Yes, it’s still on the ground and to a much lesser extent, roads.) to see Sherlock Holmes yesterday.  I admit that I’ve only read The Hound of the Baskervilles, and it has been quite some time ago.  In fact, it has been so long, that all I remember is something about smoking a pipe.  Nevertheless, I went to see the movie and found it to be entertaining, if not a bit action-oriented.  It was kind of like Adrian Monk meets James Bond.  The bits where it shows precisely what will happen before it happened were annoying, although it did show a well thought-out plan.

I have a feeling that I appreciated the Victorian British mannerisms much more than the average movie-goer due to my reenacting.  I recognized proper behavior and often Holmes’ lack of it, much to my delight.  Also, due to my ability to slip into a Victorian mindset for reenacting, I probably got more enjoyment out of Rachel McAdams than the director probably intended.  I never caught the actual date in the film, but based on clothing and references made, I would place in the 1860-1890 range.  During this time, it was completely inappropriate for women to wear trousers.  Trousers showed the shape of a woman’s leg and also exposed her ankles, which was likely to make men randy.  In fact, assumptions could be made about the lifestyle or occupation of women who dressed like that.  I do completely understand the reason for putting Ms. McAdams in pants though.  It is probably quite difficult to run, jump and fall in a dress without hurting or exposing yourself to the unwanted gazes of the crew, those filthy gaffers and best boys!

Sherlock Holmes was far from a masterpiece, but it was quite entertaining and somewhat more intelligent than your typical summer action movie.  I’d probably still wait for it to come out on tv to see it.  I don’t think the editing will cut much out for the networks.  I’m definitely looking forward to Mr. Downey’s Iron Man 2 this summer even more now.

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